The Best Backhands In Tennis History

Posted on January 24 2019

Top Ten Backhands of all time 

The backhand is a fine art; done poorly and it's probably the most ugly, most boring shot in tennis, but done right and it's a thing of beauty. 

The backhand is easy to get excited about and in recent years, we've been spoilt by a plethora of the greatest backhands every seen. 

What started with Bjorg, and passed on via Agassi, Safin and now Murray and Djokovic, the double-handed backhand has become as a greater shot from a fan point of view than the classic single hander. 

Personally, I still prefer to see the single hander but make up your own mind by having a look at our list below! 

Make sure to comment on your thoughts, or even add to the list by adding your favorites!

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