Make your Serve more Precise

Posted on April 17 2017

How to make your serve more precise: Dave’s Drills presents a great way of making your serve more precise. It’s just a simple visualization but can help your players serve out no end!

The serve, along with the return are the two most important shots in tennis. Given that you're more likely to hold serve, the serve is the most important. 

But when thinking about improving the serve, most players only look at one thing - power! 

Power on the serve is great, but it doesnt get you very far if you cant get the ball in. 

Take Federer for example, he's is undoubtedly one of the greatest servers to play the game, but he doesn't have that powerful a serve compared to the real big hitter like Raonic or Isner. 

So why is it so effective? Well, his 1st serve percentage is high and he places the ball extremly well when his 1st serve goes in. 

To try an improve the accuracy on your first serve, take a look at the below video. 

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