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Tennis Scoreboard by Sho-Court X8

  • Ideal scoreboard for general match play.
  • Many scoreboards will fade and weather badly over time, but the ShoCourt is built to last.
  • The easy score counter system makes changing score simple.
  • Bright counters mean the score is easy to see for players and spectators.
  • Easy to rotate.
  • Features 4 lock in positions.
  • Quick net post mounting system included.
  • Space for a padlock to be installed

The 1 - 6 Scorekeeper by Sho-Court is the ultimate tennis scoreboard for any tennis court. 

The standard scorekeeper's on the market break easily, warp, or degrade quickly. Our scorekeeper is built for longevity! 

It's a hard-wearing board that will never break if a tennis ball is hit at it. There's no need to worry about losing a number and having to replace it and the board is resistant to rust and sun damage including warping of the board. 


The Kollectaball Collector

Size & Weight

How big is the opening for taking balls from the cage? Will I be able to fit my hand in the opening?

The opening is 5.5 inches or 13.5 cm across. The average male palm width is 3.3 inches. This enables 4 balls to be picked at once even with large hands.

How high from the ground is the Kollectaball when in the standing/feeding position?

The Kollectaball has two height positions so the height is adjustable; the highest height is 35inch and the lowest 33inch. These are based around the comfortable heights for the average person.

How heavy is the Kollectaball?

Very Light.
When using any ball collector it should be light and easy to manoeuvre, these two aspects are crucial for the health of the operator. Kollectaball weighs only 3.5 Kg empty and most importantly when collecting balls there is no stress on the wrist or back areas, which can result in repetitive strain injury.

I want to collect and feed more balls at a time, can the Kollectaball have a bigger capacity?

The clever design enables the changing over of a cage in seconds, so for use with more balls simply use two or three cages then the capacity becomes 120 or 180 balls or more.


How durable are the wires? How long do they last?

The 60 wires on the Kollectaball cage are manufactured using the most advanced wire technology available. Originally developed for use in agriculture for collecting fruit and nuts in different ground conditions they have been in use for years in the market without fault. Durability tests on concrete surfaces have been extensive over thousands of hours of rolling. Wire durability when used for collecting tennis balls on all surface types is not an issue of concern with Kollectaball – they will last years.

Can I replace a wire if I did break or bend one?

The design of the system enables any wire to be replaced with a new one. The Kollectaball was designed to be a lifetime tool and so it is easy to replace single or multiple wires. Whilst wires are very unlikely to be damaged or worn out through use, they could become damaged through impact or snagging. In most cases they can simply be bent back into their correct shape by hand. If the wire is badly out of shape and replacement is preferred, individual wires can be taken out and replaced with another. Kollectaball has the easy wire change over system which is a register patent of the Roll-in company. Changing a wire or wires is a quick and simple task and is explained in the manual taking no more than 5 minutes.

How long can I expect my Kollectaball to last?

A Lifetime.
Kollectaball is designed to be a lifetime tool. All parts are replaceable and in the unlikely event of a spare being required parts are easy to fit with a minimum requirement of any tools.

Other Questions

Will the Kollectaball damage my court in any way?

The wires are forgiving and have no sharp edges. The Kollectaball is designed to be pushed lightly over any court surface and will not in any way damage it.

Shipping, Payments & Returns


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