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Kollectaball Strike



The (any) Ball Collector

 The Kollectaball Strike or K-Strike is the most versatile ball collector of spherical objects available anywhere!


A Multipurpose Tool

The K-Strike will pick up;

  • Tennis balls (40 balls)
  • Baseball Balls (24 balls)
  • Lacrosse Balls (24 balls)
  • Apple (30 Apples)
  • Pickleball balls
  • Hockey balls
  • Cricket Balls 
  • Oranges
  • Lemons
  • Ping Pong Balls 

If it's round and similar in size to an apple or tennis ball, the K-Strike will pick it up! 

It features the same advantages as the K-MAX but is slightly smaller in size. This actually enhances the number of different objects it can collect because the K-MAX has less tension in the wires meaning items will fall out if they are too heavy. Baseballs, Apples, lacrosse balls, cricket balls are all too heavy for the K-MAX and will not work. 

The K-Strike, on the other hand, will collect these items with no problem at all. It has the unique, inbuilt dispensing unit which will allow you to empty the balls back into a bucket in seconds and also features our patented wire removal system. 

If a wire ever gets bent or damaged, you can simply replace the wire using our tool. 

The K-Strike is a lifelong tool that'll solve the issue of forever bending down to collect sports balls. 

THIS PRODUCT WILL NEED ASSEMBLING - Please refer to our instructions page for video tutorials https://www.kollectaball.com/pages/assembly-instructions 

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